Logistieke Diensten

Medline has developed a fleet of Medline trucks called MedTrans, which is the perfect service for any delivery that requires specific timing or needs special attention. Three space- and time-saving delivery options are available: Point-of-Use Service, Cart Service and Rack Service. We also offer an inventory management solution called MedStock and personal protection equipment (PPE) dispensers for disposable products.

Our services help healthcare facilities save time and money, allowing them to focus on what they do best: taking care of their patients. 




Logistic Services

Our services help healthcare facilities

save time and money, allowing them

to focus on what they do best:

taking care of their patients.





MedStock: Inventory Management Solutions

MedStock is a handheld inventory management system that saves you time and money by automating three key parts of your operations:

Track inventory levels and usage for every product in your facility, including both on-hand and on-order goods in the general warehouse, sterilisation areas and operating theatres. Scan the barcodes of products for simpler recount processes.

Create replenishment orders with just one step based on actual inventory levels and reorder points that you can define.

Cost centre allocation
This system involves easy barcode and scanner-based charge accounting for both patient and department cost centres.


Medline is proud to introduce MedStock: a handheld inventory management system.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology

Radio frequency identification is the perfect service to guarantee the traceability of SPTs. The RFID tag is placed on each SPT and contains a unique ID to identify the specific pack being used, including item number, lot number and expiration date.

The signal from this ID can be picked up by a reader, which keeps track of inbound and outbound SPT movements and functions as real-time inventory control. This consumption information can be easily interfaced with MedStock for automatic replenishment and reporting purposes.

Through its automation, RFID offers you full product traceability and inventory tracking, more efficient purchasing processes and time savings.

Additional benefits of RFID include:

  • Easier consumption reporting and efficient purchasing
  • Precise analysis of the procedure cost per patient
  • Improved picking time and faster preparation for surgery
  • Increased staff satisfaction
  • Reduced human error
  • Cost savings.


Medline is proud to introduce RFID: a technology that tracks & traces inventory.

MedTrans vrachtwagens

Het vervoer van medische producten is een serieuze zaak. Daarom heeft Medline MedTrans ontwikkeld, een eigen wagenpark van vrachtwagens. Wanneer u gebruik maakt van MedTrans, is het belangrijkste voordeel voor uw team dat ze direct contact hebben met een persoonlijke vrachtwagenchauffeur, die speciaal getraind is om leveringen uit te voeren en aan eisen van zorginstellingen te voldoen.

MedTrans is op dit moment beschikbaar in Duitsland, Frankrijk, Ierland en in Spanje. Ons groeiend aantal MedTrans klanten laat zien dat er vraag is naar en belang is bij een maatwerk oplossing voor zorg-leveringsdienst.

Producten ontvangen van een Medline chauffeur garandeert:

  • Betere controle over leveringskwaliteit
  • Een beter begrip van uw speciale behoeften omtrent ziekenhuislogistiek (vereiste speciale diensten, tijdvakken, noodgevallen en meer).

Verhoog uw tevredenheid van medische leveringen vandaag nog met MedTrans.


Nieuwsgierig naar onze chauffeurs? Maak kennis met Dietmar van Rennings, MedTrans chauffeur sinds 2014.

‘Na een paar jaar in Medline‘s magazijn in Kleve te hebben gewerkt ben ik overgestapt naar MedTrans chauffeur in juli 2014. Tegenwoordig is het mijn werk om producten op een persoonlijke manier naar onze klanten te brengen, passend bij hun specifieke wensen. Ik hou echt van mijn bezoeken aan klanten, wat helpt bij het opbouwen van goede relaties.’

Special Services

Medline offers different value-added services by utilising our own carrier MedTrans and our local transportation partners:

  • Cart Service: storing surgical products and packs on wheeled carts close to the operating theatre
  • Ward Delivery: delivering products inside the hospital on a ward level
  • Rack Service: unpacking products and placing them on racks directly in the operating theatre storage room
  • Waste Disposal: removing and disposing of packaging material.

In addition to these special delivery services, we also offer a customisable PPE dispenser that functions like a scrub suit vending machine. Medline’s Protective Apparel Dispenser is an easy and cost-saving solution for the storage and distribution of medical scrubs and visitor apparel. It can be connected to MedStock for live inventory management.

Logistics Assessment

Medline has a team of Lean-certified logistics experts who can perform an on-site logistical assessment to help you streamline your internal supply chain. Our team will follow the products from the dock to the operating theatre to detail their flow through your facility. After the assessment, our team will suggest enhancements, such as product flow changes, a storeroom redesign or the implementation of added services.